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Outdoor iPad® Kiosk is a new product offered by Luxer One, the pioneer in smart lockers.  Luxer One sold several thousand smart lockers across North America in apartments, retail locations, offices, and universities.  Customers loved the smart locker product and the user interface which is powered by an Apple iPad®.  However, more and more customers were asking for the Luxer One smart lockers to be placed outside.

As any Apple user will tell you, they love their iPhones® and iPads®, but they just don't perform very well in the hot sun of summer.  Moving the smart lockers (and iPad® touch screen) outside presented a big challenge for Luxer One.  After hundreds of hours by the design and engineering teams, the outdoor smart locker was born.  The first of its kind design enabled the iPad® to operate in temperatures ranging from -10F to 115F.  


Since then, Luxer One has deployed hundreds of smart lockers in all elements from Phoenix and Las Vegas summers to Minneapolis and Buffalo winters.  They have taken that innovation and made it accessible to any business that needs to operate an iPad® outside.  Outdoor iPad® Kiosk was born.


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