Anti Theft iPad Case

Tablet stands function admirably in a wide assortment of settings, permitting guests to associate with your substance at their own pace. From guest overviews to intuitive data display, we hear groundbreaking thoughts for use for these tablets each day and help you buy the product you need (and we've caused a considerable thought to many of them to happen!)

Choose what works best for you

All tablet booths are not the same. They range from anti-theft case with built-in stand to anti-theft security case. That is why the OIK offers a line of standard booths intended to fit most open public areas; purchase one to make your vision a reality, on schedule, and under the financial plan. 

Since we made the world's first tablet booths in 2010 with the first iPad dispatch, our Built-in stand for iPad has helped many clients convey better assistance quicker. Extending past Apple, we offer stands for a wide assortment of tablets and Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo, Elotouch, and the sky's limit.

A Printer Stand like no other

We have the most appealing, sturdy, and moderate printing booth around for iPads and different tablets for you to acquire.

Regardless of whether you want to obtain receipts or names, the Printer Kiosk is incredible for registration, data, or exchange applications and is valued to accommodate and secure your financial plan.

The instrument can be combined with our new Checkpoint health screening programming, which permits you to effectively screen representatives and guests with an essential well-being screening questions. After screening, a date-stamped identification has been printed for easy identification.

Easily accessibility

Numerous booth makers get a hold of the substances to meet the total height and guidelines (and some neglect to do that). We're proceeding to push forward with better approaches to help guests procure different features, contributing to supporting braille engraving and sound jack access.

Make it with your brand

iPad and other tablets functions' great in a wide assortment of settings, permitting guests to learn and cooperate according to them. From guest overviews to intuitive data shows, including your content, symbolism, and logo to make a striking booth and increment guest traffic. With our expert printing and application, you'll get results from the very beginning.

Customize as you go

We comprehend that two tasks can not be the same; thus, we uphold a broad scope of peripherals and embellishments - from standardized tag scanners and mag stripe card readers to thermal printers and outer consoles.

On the off chance that you need a fringe, we don't presently do that; we have an expert group of engineering close by and prepared to incorporate to your particulars.

Show the world

Kiosk Pro is a series of specific program applications for iOS intended for use openly or shared spaces. 

Our applications uphold web-accommodating substances like HTML pages, PDFs, and videos and incorporate highlights that make it simple to set up an iPad as an open booth. 

Stand Pro has been in continuous advancement since 2010, when the first iPad was presented and remained the top-rated booth application for iOS.

Increase your business

Your massive scope projects don't need to be overpowering. Our group works intimately with you; to make sure your needs are met, and your stands are dealt with and conveyed on schedule and investment plan. 

Let us handle the coordination and sweat the subtleties. We have the experience to effectively execute any venture and sell the best - regardless of whether you're requesting ten booths or a few thousand. Contact Outdoor iPad Kiosk to learn more or get yours now.