Anti Theft iPad Stand

Placing your iPads in plain view at your business is a great way to drive business but also creates an opportunity for those with malicious intent. An anti theft iPad stand is a necessity to keep your assets safe and available to serve your patrons.

Installing a kiosk from Outdoor iPad Kiosk requires several steps. Failing to secure the stand leaves your device vulnerable.

What is a secure anti-theft security case?

An anti-theft security case includes many features that deter theft and vandalism. Prevent damage or the total loss of your device with these specialized cases.

Anti-theft cases are:

  • Fully enclosed

  • Locked

  • Tamper-resistant

Cases from Outdoor iPad Kiosk are made from lightweight aluminum. We use industry-leading locks to avoid loss to a simple lock pick.

Using the Outdoor iPad Kiosk

There are several steps to using the iPad kiosk. You need to secure the device prior to securing your iPad.

To use the Outdoor iPad Kiosk:

  1. Secure the three-eight inches bolts to your walls and floor or contact

  2. Attach the power cables to a power outlet

  3. Attach the network cable to your ethernet

  4. Place your device in the kiosk and connect the power and ethernet

When properly secured, the kiosk withstands temperatures, the weather, and attempts to steal or tamper with your tablet. The aluminum frame offers superior protection without sacrificing quality for design.

Securing the Kiosk

Our anti-theft case with built-in stand requires securing multiple bolts against your wall and floor. It can be a difficult task to place bolts in concrete. A specialized drill is required for this task.

Hire an installation specialist to avoid damaging your property or improperly securing the bolts. This is the most important step to avoiding an issue.

Attach the Power Cables

Security does not mean avoiding the needs of your tablet. Your computer needs power. Connect the 7-amp power cable to an available outlet to keep your device charged.

This ensures that your device works around the clock. Keep attracting customers with constant availability.

Attach the Network Cables

Before placing your device in the secured case, attach the CAT6 cable to your router. An ethernet cable secures communications better than wi-fi. Nothing is left over the air.

Choose a location that is close to your router and make sure to use a discrete location for your networking equipment. A sturdy tamper-proof ethernet cable is recommended as well.

Secure your Device

With the kiosk set up, you can secure your tablet. Unlock the case, slip your tablet inside, and attach the interior cables to your iPad.

Turn your tablet on and reap the rewards of a secured kiosk. The sleek design, strong material, and constant availability provide an excellent experience for your customers.

Preparing your Anti Theft iPad Stand

Thee are several steps to securing your iPad in your new kiosk. Secure the kiosk, set up the cables, and insert your tablet in the anti theft iPad stand.

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