Anti Theft iPad Case

Consider investing in an anti theft iPad case for the entrance of your retail building that can greet guests, help with check-in, assist with ticket sales, or simply showcase products or services without spreading your staff too thin. Outdoor iPad Kiosk is secure, easy for guests to use, and requires absolutely no charging.

Anti Theft iPad Stand

Find out how an anti theft iPad stand from Outdoor iPad Kiosk can help you save money without sacrificing the quality of service you provide to customers and clients. Our secure kiosk holds your 10.2" iPad and interfaces with your company info, allowing patrons to buy tickets, check-in at key areas, and browse your products, even when you're closed.

Best iPad Floor Stand

What makes Outdoor iPad Kiosk the best iPad floor stand on the market is its unique, secure design that allows you to insert your 10.2" iPad into the kiosk and perform simple tasks, hands-free. Our stand allows you to connect with guests and customers without having to expend resources or hire new personnel.

iPad Check In Stand

See how an iPad check in stand can save you money by eliminating the need for your staff to stand by the door and manually check-in guests. Outdoor iPad Kiosk has designed and created an affordable, secure iPad stand that is always on, requires no batteries, and works for your company 24/7. Find out more on our website.

iPad Enclosures

Outdoor iPad Kiosk's interface stand is one of the best iPad enclosures on the market for the simple reason that it's manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Your 10.2" iPad remains safe and secure in our kiosk while allowing customers to check-in, buy tickets, reserve tables, learn about your company, or connect with your staff.

iPad Floor Stand

Invest in an iPad floor stand that will allow customers and clients to interface with your business after you close shop for the day. Outdoor iPad Kiosk ensures you never miss another opportunity to make a sale or provide information to potential patrons regarding your products, services, or company.

iPad Kiosk Floor Stand

How can an iPad kiosk floor stand save your company money? Outdoor iPad Kiosk can help you downsize your staff without compromising the quality of service you offer your customers, clients, shoppers, or patrons. Our kiosks can fulfill ticket orders, streamline guest check-in, reserve tables, and provide information 24-hours a day.

iPad Kiosk Stand

Stay connected with customers and clients even after your store closes for the day with an iPad kiosk stand from Outdoor iPad Kiosk. Our upright stand is compatible with your 10.2" iPad, is wireless, and requires no charging or batteries. Its smart design allows potential customers to access company information 24/7.

iPad Stand

Outdoor iPad Kiosk has created the world's first outdoor iPad stand that will streamline check-in at your next event, help your staff manage ticket sales, and interface with event guests, freeing up more of your time. Your standard-size iPad fits securely in our stand, is always on, and requires no charging.

Locking iPad Stand

What would a locking iPad stand do for your business? Outdoor iPad Kiosk can save your business money by eliminating the need to hire a ticket-taker, reservation-taker, information provider, or waypoint personnel. Place our kiosk anywhere you want to interface with customers, clients, staff, employees, shoppers, or patrons.

Locking Tablet Stand

How can a locking tablet stand save your company money? Outdoor iPad Kiosk can showcase your company's products or services without your staff having to give individual attention to customers or clients. Our iPad stand is always on, even after-hours when your employees have gone home for the day.

Outdoor iPad Kiosk

Place Outdoor iPad Kiosk at the entrance of your event to provide information to guests, handle ticket sales, manage your event's check-in, or interface with your visitors while saving you time. Our iPad stands are completely secure, with all set-up hardware included; the smart design allows you to easily set up at any outdoor event.

Outdoor Tablet Stand

Outdoor iPad Kiosk has designed and created an outdoor tablet stand that is ideal for businesses that operate during normal business hours but still want to stay connected with potential customers. Our upright tablet kiosk is always on, with no batteries or charging necessary, and all set-up hardware is included.

Secure iPad Stand For Business

A secure iPad stand for business generation helps your staff with overflow tasks, like restaurant check-in, reservations, ticket sales, product information, and more. If you need a simple and affordable way to interface with customers, clients, employees, or guests at your location, our iPad kiosk is the solution.

Tablet Kiosk Stand

consider the possibility that will open up to your business when you invest in a tablet kiosk stand. Outdoor iPad Kiosk has created a free-standing iPad kiosk that is ideal for restaurant check-in, ticket purchase & reserve, museum & exhibit information, and retail locations. Your 10.2" iPad fits securely into our kiosk.