Best iPad Floor Stand

Your electronic devices are a vital asset. Securing your tablets is of critical importance to providing a positive customer experience. With your patrons expecting better customer service every year and find it easier than ever to switch companies, Outdoor iPad Kiosk offers a sleek and nearly tamper-proof design.

Finding the Best iPad Floor Stand

The best iPad floor stand does not sacrifice security for design. It protects tablets, offers power, and allows you to use ethernet for a 24/7 always available service that customers love.

The Outdoor iPad Kiosk is:

  • Secure

  • Sleek

  • Feature complete

  • Weather-resistant

  • Moveable

Lightweight aluminum allows manufacturers to avoid a clunky and outdated design. The best tablet floor stands now have smooth corners. Outdoor iPad Kiosk offers a product that can keep your devices charged and safe within its own isolated environment.

Secure iPad Stand

One of the most important factors when deciding on an iPad stand is to consider the how secure your devices are. There nothing worse than losing your device to theft and vandalism. Loss related to theft totals $50 billion every year.

Security means locks, metal frames, and tamper-proof screens. The best iPad stands for 2021 need to consider the value of your investment in the customer experience.

Sleek iPad Floor Stand Near Me

Customers demand quality more than at any other time in the past. There is nothing worse than turning back the dial to the time before technology became a factor. A box-like kiosk does not help you stand out from the pack.

The Outdoor iPad Kiosk offers smooth curves and eye-catching Apple-like design. Do not lose the appeal of Apple products.

Feature Complete iPad Stand

Feature complete means that you can offer your services and information around the clock. Our stands include seven-amp power jacks, CAT6 ethernet capabilities, and the power to inform customers even after your physical store closes for the night.

Among the features of the best stands for the iPad is secure networking. Using ethernet allows you to avoid passing passwords, updates, and other information over the air.

Weather Resistant iPad Kiosk

Weather resistance is key for any kiosk. Placing your tablet outside means trying to keep the water, wind, and snow from destroying the device.

Our fully enclosed kiosk protects your tablet. From -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny yet hot and blizzard conditions are no match for the Outdoor iPad Kiosk.


Bring your kiosk with you or shift it as you grow or change. Bolts should be able to be removed and reset wherever you need them.

The lightweight construction of this terminal allows you to move it. Bolt-on features keep it safe and secure from people and the elements.

Best iPad Floor Stand for 20201

The best iPad floor stand secures your investment and allows you to provide around the clock service. There is no need to lose design when pushing for security either. The Outdoor iPad Kiosk keeps your device in a fully enclosed and rounded terminal.

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