iPad Check In Stand

The best investment for your service business: The iPad check-in stand

Have you heard about the iPad check-in stand? If you haven't, you need to know more about this product. We are sure it will be a great addition to your business, especially if you are in the service industry.

Forget about having an employee make your guests wait to be attended or ask for their personal information. Today, an iPad kiosk stand can do just that and much more to help you better your customer service. We are sure that this will be an excellent investment to make, and we will tell you exactly why.

What can you use iPad stands for?

An iPad check-in stand is perfect for retail businesses. It can be placed outside your store to let customers browse your products. Another option is outside a restaurant to read your menu, add themselves to the waiting list, or reserve a table. But don't worry, the Outdoor iPad Kiosk provides anti-theft floor stands for the iPad so that you can relax knowing that your investment is safe.

The iPad check-in stand is also perfect for making a purchase or reserving tickets for a concert or an event. By placing secure tablet kiosk stands outside a ticket booth, people can conveniently make reservations or purchases on their own. They can also request or pick up will call tickets as well.

Also, iPad check-in stands are perfect for museums, zoos, theme parks, and other places where people usually want to know more about what they are seeing and experiencing. They can also work as a waypoint to let the guests know where they are and how they can get to other areas of the park, zoo, etc.

What do you need to install and iPad check-in stand?

To install a secure floor stand for the iPad, we would use a 3/8" concrete drill to make mounting holes. We recommend a permanent mounting, but we can provide a sturdy base to prevent tripping if you need a mobile stand.

The iPad check-in stand has an internal frame that can be used to mark where the holes need to go. Once it is mounted, external aluminum sleeves will slide over and lock into place.

Then, you will need to place an iPad. The kiosk accepts a 10.2" iPad, which we do not provide. Don't worry about it getting hot; the mount also has a climate control unit on the back to ensure that the iPad will always remain within operating temperature. 

Finally, a hardwired connection with a conduit is recommended for permanent mounting. We provide an internal GFCI outlet where you can plug your iPad and the climate control unit.

Learn more by contacting Outdoor iPad Kiosk and check out our product page for more information on the iPad check-in stand. We are sure that you will obtain significant benefits for your business with this product that will result in better customer experience and economic growth.