iPad Floor Stand

The world is becoming automated. As your store becomes the third point of contact and automation augments personnel, an iPad is proving to be a useful in store asset. An elegant and secure iPad floor stand promotes your brand, improves your customer experiences, and ensures that your devices is ready for use.

Customer Engagement in the 2020s

With the pandemic and even before, customer behavior is changing. Online purchase surpassed in-store expenditures in 2019 for the first time in human history.

This does not mean that physical locations will disappear but that they will become more like the Apple Genius Bar and less like the increasingly rare indoor shopping mall. Customers want better experiences year over year and now seek support in store.

In Store Automation is Taking Hold

Businesses are starting to recognize this monumental shift in consumer expectations through technology. Software and hardware can augment and even replace tasks performed by employees.

AI and automation do more than offer a price check or take payment through Appley Pay. They answer simple questions, direct customers on where they can find basic goods, and can escalate issues to staff as needed.

iPad Use in Stores

An iPad is now part of customer engagement and the customer experience. Stores brand themselves through these sleek devices.

Burberry uses Apple devices in 84 stores across the country for its retail theater program. They beam content to equipment from their headquarters.

Securing your iPad

Once you choose to make the leap to an iPad, you need to make sure you are not detracting from the customer experience. An elegant display makes your brand stand out.

Outdoor iPad Kiosk offers resilient displays for any environment. We encase your computer in a locked case that can be mounted to concrete and withstand temperatures from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is there a sleek iPad stand?

Apple is known for their stunning designs. A 12-gauge steel frame made from lightweight aluminum brings a touch of modern to your outdoor or indoor spaces.

Stick a 10.2-inch iPad in our complimentary kiosk. Our display uses the color schemes and smooth edges common to Apple products.

Retail-Ready iPad Stand

A retail ready iPad stand is the best option for your company. These stands anchor into concrete and can withstand wind, weather, and malicious intent.

Stands that look more like they were meant for sheet music simply cannot stand up to a dedicated product. They can also make your computer seem out of place. Our products work well in banks, retail stores, and restaurants, looking like they belong.

Secure iPad Floor Stand

Protect your equipment as it helps transform your business for the modern world. A secure stand is a necessity to protect your highly desirable and valuable tablets. Outdoor iPad Kiosk not only looks like it belongs but can stand up to the elements both human and natural.

When you are ready to incorporate iPads or need to secure your devices, visit our website, and get in touch today.