iPad Kiosk Floor Stand

Securing your tablet in an iPad kiosk floor stand prevents loss but does not need to reduce customer experiences. Loss prevention is a major concern when. Outdoor iPad Kiosk offers a sleek aluminum case backed by tamper-proof screens and industry-leading locks.

How can I secure my device?

There are several aspects related to securing your iPad in a floor stand. The frame, lock, and ability to bolt your kiosk to the wall or floor all make a difference.

Your stand needs to offer full protection in a package that is difficult to break in to. Still, you should not sacrifice security for design.

Full-Powered iPad Kiosk

An iPad kiosk stand from Outdoor iPad Kiosk offers modern lightweight aluminum construction, three-eighth inch bolts, and a highly secure lock. Our devices are built for security.

These kiosks are:

  • Able to protect your tablets

  • Keep your devices fully charged

  • Use a sleek design

  • Connect to your network

  • Help you provide a terrific customer experience

We strive to offer the best possible solution that gives you peace of mind. There is no need to compromise between security and appeal.

Keeps Devices Fully Charged

The Outdoor iPad Kiosk keeps your tablet fully charged.  Our secure tablet kiosk stands come with a seven-amp power supply.

Not only is our kiosk secure but it offers around the clock service. Keep your customers informed and using your products and services around the clock without a specially designed terminal.

Fully Connected

Security and the customer experience complement each other when it comes to networking. Ethernet is fast and more secure than wi-fi which transmits signals over the air.

Our kiosks include jacks for fast CAT6 cables. Attach your tablet for a fast and secure Internet-enabled device. Just make sure to obscure your routers and other networking equipment.

Sleek Design

The iPad kiosk from Outdoor iPad Kiosk complements the appeal of an Apple device. Your tablet appeals to a large market. This is a major reason you need a secure floor stand for iPad.

We use shaped aluminum that is both secure and capable. Smoothed edges and a color scheme to match are the perfect way to show your customers you care.

Provide an Excellent Customer Experience

Do not let security dissuade you from using a tablet. Customers demand better experiences year after year. Fast and personalized information is a key to growing revenue into the future.

Tablets offer a vast range of services especially when coupled with fast networks. Companies such as Burberry even use tablets to promote their business in store. Whether you are a resort, retail establishment, music venue, or restaurant, a tablet backed by existing or custom software is perfect.

Secure iPad Kiosk Floor Stand

Using a secure iPad kiosk floor stand lets you provide excellent customer service without sacrificing appealing design. Give your customers the experiences they deserve using a kiosk from Outdoor iPad Kiosk. Stay fully charged and deter theft and vandalism.

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