iPad Stand

When you buy an iPad stand from Outdoor iPad Kiosk, you can expect a sleek and modern design. We provide outdoor kiosks that safely contain iPads of ten and a half inches to ensure you never have to miss out on a potential sale.

The secure outer casing of the kiosk protects your iPad from harsh elements and theft. Connections are made via hardwire power or data line, but the device can connect to your company’s Wi-Fi. 

The kiosks itself is less than six feet tall, and it is no more than eight feet in width. The compact design is less than nine inches, which makes our kiosks ideal for many locations. The access panel is always locked, but it is simple to open and operate.

 When creating a permanent mounting location, you will need a long term hardwired power connection that is equipped with the proper conduits. The iPad software used within the kiosk belongs to your company, but our climate-controlled steel-cased environment protects it.

Types of Compatible iPad Sizes for Secure Tablet Kiosk Stands

When you purchase a secure floor stand for iPad kiosks, you can use a three eighth drill bit for mounting the stand. Our anti-theft floor stands for iPad protection come with internal GFCI outlets. The connection will have to be hardwired, which means you might need to hire a professional electrician. Extension cords are recommended for mobile mounts in protected environments.

Mobile mounts are possible, and they add extra convenience. However, permanent mounts are highly suggested for longevity. Portable mounts are less stable than drilled mounts of the recommended size. The mobile base is sturdy enough to withstand all conditions, but permanent mounts are the best option. The internal frame of the iPad kiosk stand is helpful when determining where to drill holes during the mounting process.

Technical Specifications of iPad Stands for Businesses

The kiosks we offer have an operating temperature that ranges from negative four degrees Fahrenheit to one hundred thirteen degrees Fahrenheit. Wi-Fi connectivity features are included, in addition to CAT6 with RJ45 Jack. The suggested AC voltage is 120VAC, but the minimum is 110VAC. The power consumption of a traditional iPad stand is .7A nominal with a 6.25 peak. The twelve-gauge frame made of steel is surprisingly lightweight, but it is still durable. Only 10.5-inch iPads fit the stands we offer, and you are required to supply a device and your software.

The weather-safe exterior includes a TEC unit for temperature control. The included hardwire power supply is safely secured to prevent mishaps or accidents. The three-eighths inch concrete mounts are included with the purchase of the kiosk.

Practicing Smart iPad Kiosk Shopping Strategies

If you are ready to get in touch with us to learn more about our iPad kiosk floor stands, you should click here. At Outdoor iPad Kiosk, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Reach out to us to learn specific details about our shipping capabilities and pricing information. Buy yours today!