Outdoor iPad® Kiosk 

Kiosk_Front_with screen.png
4'-5 3/8" Tall
1'-8 1/4" Wide
8 1/4" Deep
Outdoor iPad Kiosk side view with measurements. Use this kiosk indoors or outdoors for retail, check in, purchases, waypoints, and much more.

Easy access panel with lock

Sleek aluminum surface 

Accepts a 10.2 inch iPad® with forward facing camera ability.

Wrap in a custom design for a unique finish



A 3/8" concrete drill bit is needed for mounting holes. A permanent mounting is recommended, but it can be mounted to a mobile sturdy base that prevent tipping.

The kiosk has an internal frame that can be used to mark where the holes need to go. Once the frame is mounted, the external aluminum sleeve slides over and locks into place.


Our kiosk accepts a 10.2" iPad (not included). You get to use your own iPad with your own software in the kiosk to ensure you have full control over the software. 

The iPad mount has a climate control unit on the back of it to make sure your iPad remains within operating temperature 


For permanent mounting, a hardwired connection is recommended with conduit. We provide an internal GFCI outlet to plug your iPad and climate control unit into, and it will need to be hardwired.

An electrician may be needed. For mobile mounts, an extension cord can be used. 


Retail - With screen.png


Use the kiosk outside your store to let customers browse your products even when you are closed. Let them sign up for your email list and so much more.  

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 5.05.24 PM.png


Let customers check in or reserve a table at restaurants while outside. Easy waitlist sign up, and other options for the service industry. 


Purchase, reserve, or will call tickets for concerts or events electronically with a convenient kiosk outside your ticket booth.  

Kiosk- Museum copy.png


Allow guests at museums, zoos, or theme parks to get more information about exhibits. Even use as a waypoint to show guests where there are and how to get to other parts of your attraction.