Locking iPad Stand

Tablets are everywhere but many are not secure. They are open to vandalism, unauthorized use, and theft. A locking iPad stand helps prevent theft and vandalism while letting you provide superior customer service and take advantage of the new business environment.

Why should I use a locking iPad stand?

A secure floor stand for the iPad or a sturdy and protected kiosk is important. Apple devices are desirable. They hold their value better than almost any other product.

Locking stands:

  • Protect against tampering

  • Is difficult to vandalize

  • Deters theft

  • Offer a fully enclosed and weather resistant stand

  • Saves you money

Locking stands are among the best ways to avoid losing one of your most important assets. Give every customer the experience they deserve.

Protecting my iPad

Outdoor and indoor kiosks give a person with malicious intent an easy target to wreak havoc. This includes installing software. These programs may be malicious in intent such as when they route customer information, passwords, and keystrokes to a third party.

Secure tablet kiosk stands surround your computer with a sturdy frame and screen protection. This makes it nearly impossible for outside parties to manipulate your tablet.

Deterring Vandalism

An iPad stand can stand out but can also make it more difficult to vandalize your device. Our stands come with sturdy three-eighth inch bolts. It is difficult to tip over secured kiosks.

Make sure that your stand bolts against the floor and wall. While it is still possible to spray paint over the screen portal, this does not need to affect your device either. Your tablet sits within its own isolated environment.

Stop Theft

Theft is a major issue for iPads left in the open. It is easy to break chains and dislodge tablets left out in the open. People can snatch your assets without a trace.

A secured, locked, and enclosed kiosk makes it nearly impossible to steal your device.  iPad stands from Outdoor iPad Kiosk use industry leading locks and lightweight aluminum casing. Even the portal is difficult to shatter.

Protection from the Weather

There is no point to a locking stand without an enclosure and bolts that lock it in place. These features protect it from the weather and any attempts to break in as well.

Our stands withstand temperatures between -4 degrees and over 113 degrees Fahrenheit without destroying the computer. Avoid having your kiosk tip over and spill your tablet onto the streets.

Save Money

Theft and loss are a real issue. With tablets costing thousands of dollars, the right kiosk saves you money by preventing theft and related damage.

Avoid losing customers to theft and your investment along the way. Kiosks can look good, appeal to potential customers, and avoid loss.

Where can I find a locking iPad stand?

A locking iPad stand is the perfect theft deterrent. Protect one of your most important assets with a sleek stand from Outdoor iPad Kiosk. Visit our website and get in touch with us today to find out more.