Locking Tablet Stand

From grocery stores to restaurants to retail outlets, many small businesses across various industries are realizing the numerous benefits of iPad stands. With the right software, outdoor or indoor iPad mounts can serve as less expensive alternatives to POS systems. They can also display helpful information about products and services, run promotions, schedule reservations and bookings, among other functions.

If you’re thinking about incorporating this innovative feature in your business environment, the first thing you’ll need to get is a safe and secure locking tablet stand. The security becomes even more important if you’ll be fixing the stand outdoors. Our company specializes in manufacturing and customizing uber-safe outdoor anti-theft floor stands for iPads. And we have no doubt you’ll be more than pleased when you buy from us.

What are the factors to consider before choosing an outdoor locking tablet stand?

There is no gainsaying that any locking tablet stand that will be installed outdoor must be theftproof. Bear in mind that potential thieves will have more than enough time to figure out how to break into the iPad kiosk stand and make away with your device. It’s left to the manufacturer to ensure they have nothing to figure out. Asides security, the following are some more factors we consider essential:

Customizability: You should be able to customize the stand to suit your business image and needs, whatever they are.

Reliable power source: A secure tablet kiosk or stand must have a reliable power source that ensures your iPad’s battery never goes empty.

Wireless technology: A wireless locking tablet stand saves you the hassle of running a data line for your outdoor iPad.

Easy setup: The manufacturers should be chiefly responsible for setting up the secure floor stand for iPad, and they should provide the hardware needed for concrete mounting.

The sleek and smart Ourdoor iPad Kiosks (OIKs) by Luxer tick all these boxes, and you can rest assured you’ll have a great experience with them.


How to use OIKs by Luxer?

The fully customizable secure floor stand for iPad can be easily adapted to meet your needs, whatever the industry. Below are some of the popular applications of our OIKs:

Retail: Retailers can install the kiosk outside their stores so that customers can browse their products even when the store is closed. They can also sign up for the email list or reserve items they’re interested in purchasing.

Restaurants: Our locking tablet stands allows customers to check-in or reserve a table while outside.

Payment: The stands allow people to purchase or reserve tickets for concerts and events with a convenient kiosk outside the ticket booth.

Information: OIK by Luxer allows guests at zoos, museums, or theme parks to access more information about exhibits. They can even be used as waypoints to show guests where they are and how to get to other parts of the facility.

Do you wish to know more about outdoor locking tablet stands? Or you’re already thinking about buying one for your business? Contact Outdoor iPad Kiosk to learn more or get yours now.