Outdoor iPad Kiosk

An outdoor iPad kiosk stand is precisely the investment you will need to assist you in your business. Whether you are in the restaurant, retail, or even the medical industry, having an outdoor iPad stands will help you manage your business efficiently. It will save you a lot of time and even help you improve your customer service. Not to mention that it will also help you reduce labor costs.

The Outdoor iPad Kiosk is a new Luxer One offered brand, the pioneer in smart package lockers. It followed the same formula to create the Outdoor iPad Kiosk as an outdoor solution to let business owners use iOS software outdoors.

1. What Is Outdoor Ipad Kiosk?

It is a business solution for owners who use an iPad outdoors to assist in running their business. It has placed in an enclosure, either mounted with a floor standing. The Outdoor iPad Kiosk uses a secure floor stand for iPad to lock the kiosk into place. With the iPad secured outside, this will allow you to use your iPad with your iOS software related to your business.

2. Is the IPad Safe to be Placed Outside?

Once you purchased your own Outdoor iPad Kiosk, it already comes with a mount where you will secure your iPad. This type of anti-theft floor stands for iPad that is heavy-duty and durable. The external aluminum sleeve slides to lock it into place. There is also an access panel that only you or other authorized personnel can open or lock.

This iPad kiosk also comes with a climate control unit so that you can ensure that your iPad remains within the operating temperature.

3. How Do I Run My Business with the Outdoor IPad Kiosk?

Business owners can utilize various apps that will help them manage their business. You have the free reign and liberty to use the iPad kiosk however you like.

Take a look at how you can use the iPad kiosk to your advantage:

Retail or clothing store 

With the iPad kiosk, you can let your customers browse through your catalog. You can even let them sign up for newsletters for any of your upcoming products or announcements.


You can let your customers make reservations, waitlist, or get themselves a number while waiting outside. You can even let them browse through the menu while they wait.

Ticketing and payments

For any of your events, you can set up an iPad kiosk to let customers purchase or reserve their tickets.

Information booth

If your business is exhibits, museums, or galleries, then you can use your iPad kiosk to provide information for your guests about the exhibition, a virtual map, or just any additional information they can obtain while they are at your venue.


If you run a clinic or a health center, this kiosk stand will let your patients schedule an appointment

Customer Service

Whatever business you have, you always want to improve something. With the iPad kiosk, you can let your customers give their feedback or answer a survey.

Help your business flourish as you acquire secure tablet kiosk stands. It is one of the cost-effective ways you can do to manage your business. Contact Outdoor iPad Kiosk to learn more about it, or get yours now at our website.