Outdoor Tablet Stand

The world is changing. Automation and AI are augmenting staff and taking over some of the more tedious tasks. As iPads become more prevalent, including in outdoor venues, you need a secure outdoor tablet stand.

Advances in Technology

Computers are proving their use in retail. From retail analytics and artificial intelligence to simple question answering and customer service, software is making the retail environment a more wired place.

Software and hardware advancements are also making headway in eliminating expensive and specialized machines. From payment processing to banking, your iPad can handle a wide variety of tasks once relegated to purpose-made machines. This makes them a cheaper and more maintainable alternative.

Branding with Technology

Image is important. Customer experience is also a critical part of your business. Customers expect better service year over year.

Even one bad experience turns a customer away for up to two years. Using an iPad is the perfect choice. These products are more appealing to consumers than Android devices which is why they often retain their value far better despite being equally powerful.

Can I use an iPad outdoors?

iPad use is making its way outdoors. As music, restaurants, and outdoor venues comply with pandemic rules and seek to trim costs, they will look increasingly to technology and the sleek branding that an Apple product brings.

iPad stands have grown to accommodate this pattern of behavior. We make our products to stand up to wind and weather. Whether it is -4 degrees Fahrenheit or 113 degrees Fahrenheit, our products stand up to the elements.

Secure Floor Stand for iPad

Apple products are not only great for branding they are also highly desirable. This brings the potential for theft and vandalism when placing them in public. They are likely to get stolen when left in a flimsy case.

Outdoor iPad Kiosk offers a secure floor stand for your iPad that is nearly impossible to break. Your devices will continue to serve customers long after you install them.

Anti-theft Measures for iPads

Our kiosks are made to withstand attempts to take them. A slight breeze will not knock these devices over.

Among the feature of our devices are:

  • A lightweight and strong aluminum frame

  • High-quality locks

  • Multiple 3/8-inch concrete mounts

We strive to make our cases as difficult as possible to break into or run off with. Your product can withstand people and the weather.

Sleek iPad Kiosk

Security does not mean sacrificing design. Apple is known for its quality design. There is no need to forego this with a vault.

Our kiosks maintain the rounded design that Apple is known for. Brand your company with a Kiosk as desirable as your tablets. Customer experience depends on every detail and we know this.

Where can I find a secure outdoor tablet stand?

Apple products are becoming more prevalent in retail and services venues. Automation and AI will continue to increase their use. You need an outdoor tablet stand that is secure from people and the weather without sacrificing design.

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