Secure iPad Stand For Business

An iPad is becoming a critical part of retail. There is nothing more important than protecting the assets that help build customer engagement and vitally important customer experiences. Outdoor iPad Kiosk offers a secure iPad stand for business.

What should I look for in an iPad Kiosk?

An iPad Kiosk turns your tablet into a sleek and upgradeable terminal that you can use indoors or outdoors. Computer terminals, ATMs, and other small devices.

A kiosk:

  • Secures your device

  • Protects your iPad from the weather

  • Provides power and safe networking

  • Gives your customers access to a range of up to date services

  • Allows you to create engaging customer service

Terminals are a necessity, especially for outdoor use. Never leave your iPad to the elements and malicious users.

How do I secure my iPad?

Asset loss is a major concern. Firms lose $50 billion every year to theft. With Apple products being highly desirable, they are a prime target for anyone with malicious intent.

Prevent vandalism and total loss of your electronics and ensure consistent and modern service with the help of an iPad kiosk. A secure floor stand for your iPad from Outdoor iPad Kiosk is fully enclosed, made with sturdy yet lightweight aluminum, and includes some of the strongest available locks.

Protecting an Outdoor iPad Kiosk from the Weather

One of the largest concerns when using electronics is the need for protection from the weather. Rain, snow, sleet, and heat all damage electronics. Even the extreme cold can cause screens to crack and hardware to break.

Our kiosks range from -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit with some leeway in either direction. Surrounding them in a climate-controlled booth or placing them in a lobby is a perfect solution in colder or hotter areas of the world. Strong bolts not only help deter theft but make sure the wind will not cause tipping either.

Keeping my iPad Charged

While the average consumer can simply plug their tablet into a wall socket, your kiosk needs to be available if possible and remain in the same visible location. Kiosks and iPad stands offer power and networking to ensure you never have to take them down for charging, updates, or maintenance.

The terminals from Outdoor iPad Kiosk include CAT6 ports and a seven-amp power supply. Tablets remain charged in their sealed compartments with safe networking for updates.

Creating Access to Many Services

Sleek and secure tablet kiosk stands allow your customers to access a wide range of services around the clock. There is nothing worse than losing customers due to long queue times or uninformed staff.

Customers can look up information, browse products and locations in-store, and answer deep questions with the help of software and AI on your tablet. This not only improves satisfaction but reduces the workload on employees.

Creating Better Customer Service

In today’s world you need to craft an experience. That means turning your store into a viable third point of contact, a service station. Apple tablets are perfect for doing so. This makes a secure iPad stand for business a growing necessity.

Visit your website to find out more about the sleek and secure Outdoor iPad Kiosk product.