Can I use the kiosk indoors as well?

Yes, you can use the kiosk indoors. While it is made to protect an ipad in outdoor environments, you can also place inside as a permanent kiosk as well.

Does the kiosk require a hardwired internet connection?

The Outdoor iPad Kiosk can be hardwired into an internet connection if you would like, however, you can run your iPad on a WiFi connection to avoid running an additional cable.

Does the Outdoor iPad Kiosk come with the iPad?

The iPad is not included with purchase. The reason for this is we want you to have freedom to use an iPad you already have that may have the software you need already loaded onto it. If you do not currently have an iPad, our system is compatible with the 10.2 inch iPad.

Can I run an extension cord to the kiosk?

Running an extension cord to power your iPad and climate control unit is not advised. We provide an internal GFCI outlet that is ready to be hardwired in. An electrician may be required in order to hardwire in correctly. Conduit can be used to keep any cords running to/from the kiosk protected from weather.


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